Windsurf program & prices

Windsurfing is coming back to the roots. Everyone between 7 to 70 years can learn windsurfing, step by step, completely safely, with much strain and fun. You only have to invest your time in a spot where you can improve. Wide and stable boards, light sails available in many sizes, as well as good wetsuits make learning in this school easier than ever. After a few hours we are already lively sailing out on the water.

Your lesson is held on the long and shallow sandy beach around the small town of Nin near Zadar. This makes an ideal place for fun and simple learning progress in windsurfing.

Program and prices
Windsurfing material: Starboard, Hifly wide boards and sails.





Kids course

3-4 days: 6h (1-2h per day)

Kids course with child-fair material and learning methods


Beginner course

3 days: 6h (2h per day)

The first steps in theory and practice


Refreshment course

2 days: 4h (2h per day)

Revitalization and repetition of know-how


Discovery course

2 h

First Windsurfing experience for beginners.




1 h

Individuall training, gear not included


Windsurf licence int. vdws


int. windsurf license for adults and children


Windsurfing rentals

Windsurfing material: Starboard / Hifly boards and sails.
In the price included: board and sail.
Only with int. windsurf licence. Prices in euro.

Beginner equipment:

Advanced equipment:

Wetsuit /Harness

1h - 13€

1h - 20€

1h - 5€

4h - 40€

4h - 65€

4h - 15€

1 day - 50€

1 day - 75€

1 day - 20€

10h ticket - 90€

10h ticket - 150€

10h ticket - 35€

Note: 10h ticket applies until 3 weeks.